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Nunsdrakkas Child and other stories

NunsDrakka's Child and other stories
ISBN 978-1-8384035-0-8

Much of the spiritual and moral content of this book was directly inspired and provided by knowledge and teachings given by the Erasmus Foundation, a spiritual teaching and healing centre in Suffolk, UK.

Our future is our children and if we can introduce a little spiritual knowledge into our stories for children then perhaps we can inspire some balance and wisdom for the future of our World.

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Krystallhval and the Berserkers and other stories

Krystallhval and the Berserkers and other stories
ISBN 978-1-8384035-3-9

"Storytelling has always been a traditional way of passing down knowledge and wisdom to the young throughout the ages and I hope to assist in this means of passing on a little of what I have learnt from spirit over the years through these stories."
Hedley Griffin

"Krystallhval and the Berserkers and other stories" is the second in a collection of short stories, some of them funny, some of them quite surreal, aimed at including one or two completely unique, spiritual messages within the meaning of each tale. Some of the stories include ancient myths and legends from other cultures from the Canadian Inuit, Africa, the Tuareg of the Sahara, American Indians, Australia, Peru, Norway and Atlantis.